Thursday, November 09, 2006

Me venting to a local radio show that made me mad

I have listened to your show for several years. I am not in the habit of taking up for the people you make fun of. I understand your job is to make jokes about current events. I am not the type to take things too seriously, but I feel your comments on the air about adoption were insulting and irresponsible, and I cringed when I read the article in the Murfreesboro post that said you were going to call the embassies in Africa to see how easy it is to adopt a baby. I can assure you that there is nothing easy about adoption. Even if the adoption process itself is easy (and most of the time it is heart wrenchingly long and hard), that is only the beginning of a lifetime commitment that could never be described as easy, even in the very best of circumstances. I am not concerned about what you say about Madonna - I think she can take care of herself. I don't believe that any comment you make could hurt her. But adopted children can be hurt by your comments. And any adopted child that heard you compare them to puppies lined up in a window -or whatever the comment was- probably did not feel so good about themselves. Adopted children and the parents who make the decision to adopt have enough issues to deal with without having to hear snide comments on the radio. Many people who choose to adopt have endured years of heartbreaking infertility. Others choose to adopt because they want to share what they have with a less fortunate child. Whatever the motivation behind the adoption, they all have to deal with attachment issues, the incredible financial burden of adoption, and ignorant uninformed people. A child that is an orphan or a foster child in the US has a chance at life, education, care and a future. A child raised in a foreign orphanage - especially in places ravaged by poverty - often has close to a zero chance at anything. Many children are turned out to the streets at age 18 and die at a young age due to health problems, suicide, or crime. Some of them will also have endured abuse, neglect and unimaginable conditions in their childhood. For you to do or say anything that could in anyway be taken as a slight to these children or to the process of adoption is reprehensible. To insult adoptive parents is unforgivable. I pray to God that no adopted child was listening to your show on those days. If the US system didn't so strongly favor neglectful and abusive biological families' rights, as opposed to what's best for the children, then I would bet that many people would not be spending the money, emotion and stress of adopting overseas. Say what you want about Madonna. Poke fun at stars and entertainers who put themselves in the spotlight and in a position to be critiqued. Leave innocent adopted children, and people who have made the decision to adopt out of your show.

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