Tuesday, November 21, 2006


There are too many changes going on in morning radio. I feel all out of sorts. I had grown to love the Bob and Sheri show. I listened every morning during the week, and sometimes on Saturdays. They really made me laugh. I couldn’t wait to turn it on every morning. Then one morning without warning –gone. No more Bob and Sheri. Then, a few days later, news anchor Kris Kelly is suddenly gone from Woody and Jim. Last night I heard that, after nine years, The Bob and Tom show will no longer be on 102.9. This morning someone other than U-Turn Laverne did the traffic report. OK, OK…enough already! Stop messing with my morning radio! Some of you just won’t get this, because your commute is too short. So trust, me. Morning radio is important. It keeps me sane. Puts me in a good mood. Makes the commute much less horrible. So, Nashville radio, get a grip! Stop freaking me out!

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