Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One teeny tiny post

I don't know what good this one little post does. It's not like it makes up for the last 48 days of no posts, but it somehow seemed wrong to let the whole month of July pass without saying anything. So here, in no particular order or sequence, regarding randomly selected subjects, is my attempt to summarize July.

1. On Memorial day my mother-in-law told me she was going to buy a watermelon because it just wouldn't be Memorial day without one. She said she had eaten watermelon every Memorial day for like the last 50 years so, why stop now? Inspired by this consistency, and determined to establish a tradition of my own, I bought a big watermelon slice (like a quarter of a watermelon) on the 4th of July. Unfortunately we did not eat the watermelon until July 17th. It was a little overripe. Why must I procrastinate EVERYTHING?

2. I love making Snapfish photo albums. Check them out -great fun and a great gift, too.

3. Pilates is my new favorite form of exercise. I really liked it when I used to go to pilates classes at the Y, and now I have my very own machine. It is awesome, and unless my scales are broken, it's working.

4. I think I am on my way to having my allergies under control. Until very recently I have been feeling like I was breathing through a very tiny straw, but things are looking up.

5. If you buy your spoiled dog a cool looking dog bed that you saw in Sky Mall magazine because you thought she would like to lay on a mesh bed so air could circulate under her and cool her, and because you thought she might enjoy that better than laying in the dirt or on the deck, then be prepared that your dog might push the new dog bed out of the way so she can return to the dirt. Try to take deep breaths and remind yourself that she does not mean to snub you, your gift, or the time you took to order the bed, attempt to put it together, fail, have husband put it together, realize it is too small, put it back in the box and take it to the post office to be returned, pay for the shipping to return it, wait patiently for the credit to apply to bank account, order bigger size bed and put it together. She has no idea how much trouble that was, so just smile and be glad you have a dog and a yard, no matter how hard that might be.

6. Dunkin' Donuts coffee has a powerful hold on me. Someone needs to find out what they are putting in that stuff to make it so addictive. (I know - sugar.)

7. Get out of your head and into your life.

...more cohesive posts to follow in August....or so I hope...