Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pictures I like

my windowsill


I found some old pictures of my good ol' goldfish Tubby. Rest in peace, Tubby!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's only hair!


If you would like to donate, you can visit Michele's page here:

and my page here:

To those of you who have already donated....thank you...

FEEL THE PUNCH! (That's our slogan. We say it often. :) )

My boss. Oh, my boss. She is quite the trooper. I admire her for that. And for her sassy spirit. For how she always knows just what to do. For her caring and kind ways. For the way she appreciates me. For her sense of humor. For her strength. And for her courage.

I'm walking in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk this Saturday. My boss started a "little" team for the walk and named us the Fighting Striders of Smyrna. She sent out a few e-mails and set our goal at $5,000.00. A few weeks later, our team is 65 walkers and growing, and we have raised nearly $19,000.00. Three people at work shaved their heads slick (and two of them are women!) and I dyed my hair pink in honor of the cause. It has pretty much faded now, to a nice fall shade of red, but I will post some pictures of it that were taken the day after I did it.

I'm so proud of us! We are the number two team for fundraising in Middle Tennessee - right behind O'Charley's. And they have like 130 stores in 15 states or something. (I did used to work there, so that might not be right, but it's probably not too far off.) We're just a little group of Smyrna-nites who said to O'Charley's, and to cancer.....FEEL THE PUNCH!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Music :)

I know I've said this before - it's rare that I like a song the very first time I hear it. Most songs for me are not only about the way they sound, but what the lyrics say and mean to me, and the emotions and memories that are wrapped up in them. So to hear a song and like it before I know what the lyrics mean yet, and before it's personal to me in any way yet, is always surprising.

It happened with the Floating Men in a big way. Kevin and I had not been dating too long. Our relationship was new enough that I was happily spending my day off riding around with him while he paid bills and ran errands. I remember we were at the Handy Mart on Northfield in Murfreesboro. He was going inside to buy us something to drink, and just before he got out of the truck he put in a CD and said, "See if you like this." It was the Floating Men, and I did. I went out the next day and bought every single CD they had, and a CD player for my car. The next day! It was that good. And 10 years later, I still love 'em.

It's happened again - just today. I've heard of Kings of Leon, but I've never really listened to them. Today while I was cleaning, I kept hearing some commercial on TV over and over again for their new CD. I could tell just from the little snippets they played that I would like it. So I just downloaded the whole CD - and I love it.

I love it when that happens. It's the little things, right?