Thursday, October 19, 2006

Silly girl

I’m not sure what has happened to all of my poppycock musings. (I just wanted to use poppycock in a sentence because it’s a funny word, isn’t it….you know it is. So is claptrap. Look them up. They describe my blog well. ) I still just don’t have much to say these days. Remember my post about my morbid fears of crashing while on vacation? Apparently my friend V suffers from the same affliction –being a worry wart obsessed with irony. A few weeks ago a man carjacked a woman in a white Nissan car downtown. She called to make sure it wasn’t me. This morning there was a fatal car crash near my house. She called to make sure it wasn’t me. And while we chatted I told her about how I watched that new show Criminal Minds last night. It was OK, I guess. Not as much punch, not as slick as Law & Order, but they are still working on their chemistry, I guess. The characters are kind of predictable. One FBI agent was at the top of his game when something happened that shook his confidence. He retired. Now he’s back with something to prove. Then there’s the weird nerdy wonder kid who can spout crime statistics coming and going. He must constantly show how smart he is to make up for his young age. Then there’s the gum-popping, smart-mouthed woman back at the Bureau. She’s a computer whiz who can pull up background checks and cross-reference them with other searches with absurd speed. But, I digress… it was about this wacko serial killer last night. So of course I had to close and lock all the windows after watching it. (We have been sleeping with them open, enjoying this weather.) I mean, I had to close them. Now, I understand the chances of being attacked by a serial killer are very small, and even smaller are the chances to be attacked on the night you watch a scary show about a serial killer. But that’s what makes it ironic, see? So I’m relaying this all to V this morning, when we realize….even more ironic would be to be attacked this morning after telling that story. We both got the creeps. How silly is that! I watch too much crime drama, is obviously the lesson I should learn here.

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