Friday, October 27, 2006

The results are in!

Well, it’s over. A heated weight loss contest that started a little under two months ago came to an end last night in our kitchen. We removed each extraneous item that might possibly weigh us down –watches, glasses, jewelry, socks, etc.- and stepped gingerly on the scale, holding our toes up in the air to maybe squeeze out another ¼ of a pound...and….drum roll please……the results………16 pounds……The Kev…………30 pounds! Yes, now I have to give the Kev my hard-earned cash. If you know me, you know that’s getting me where it hurts. But he deserves it and I am very proud of him. We have been going to lots of classes at the Y- Total Body Conditioning (torture), Boot Camp (torture to the extreme), Kick-Boxing, and Step Aerobics. (Well, The Kev did not go to Step Aerobics...that was just me.) And we have been eating less and less. I even managed to go FOUR WHOLE DAYS and drink nothing but water. That is a record. One day would have been a record...four days is a freaking eternity. I drink decaf coffee now, for the most part, but I love is my morning friend. My little cup of happiness to start the day. My little warm friend. My bottle of water was not nearly as friendly, let me tell you. I feel pretty good. We have made some positive healthy changes, my jeans fit better, and food tastes sooooo good now. So, cross your fingers - next weigh-in is January 15. No money will be exchanged this time. This time, it's all for bragging rights. ;)

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