Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall for fall...

I have not been rambling on much, lately, I know. Not much to say these days. Fall is here, and I am happy. Winter is just around the corner, and we all know I adore winter. Time change is almost here, and while the early darkness is a little sad at first, the mornings are easier, and soon enough the early darkness is cozy as we settle in for winter. I hope your summer was fabulous. I hope that you will enjoy winter as much as me. There’s not too much you can do about it coming, so you might as well try to enjoy it. Eat some chili. Have some hot chocolate. Light a fire. Toast a marshmallow. Buy some comfy jeans. Find your favorite sweatshirt. Huddle under a blanket and watch a scary movie. Count your blessings, and enjoy the season.

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