Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trans Fat

Feeling preachy today. Please, if you do not know about the dangers of trans fat, go to and read about it. Read labels. Save your heart. Do not eat anything that contains "partially hydrogenated oil," "margarine," or "shortening." A law was passed recently that makes food labels have the amount of trans fat grams. But, beware. By law, a food can contain a certain amount of trans fat and still call itself trans fat free. The only way to know is to read the labels. Trans fat is found in many things like cookies, pastries, crackers, and powdered things like soup mix, coffee creamer, and hot chocolate. And of course, most things that are fried. You can eliminate trans fat from your diet!

I saw this article about NYC banning trans fat and it got me all riled up. See my post here. My comment here is down near the name is "down with trans fat."

Happy label reading!

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