Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Kev kissed another

Vacation was going great. I was excited to finally see what the western part of our country looked like. It was beautiful - so very different from here. The Kev and I were getting along splendidly. He was being the usual "vacation Kevin" -extremely agreeable and affable. We were having a fine time. We were a young (ok, semi-young) couple in love. But then it happened. He kissed someone else. And it wasn't a girl. I don't remember his name. But I will never forget his face. I stood nearby and watched as he leaned in and licked Kevin's chin. And Kevin looked so happy. I wasn't mad, just extremely disappointed. Disappointed because the "him" was a giraffe on the "safari" that we were on, and because I missed -not once but twice- the photo of the giraffe "kissing" Kevin and taking the carrot from his mouth. Kevin will never forgive me for that. It was a wonderful time, though. If you ever find yourself in Arizona, I highly recommend it. We were hesitant about going, because it was an hour and a half drive from Scottsdale. We had passed it the day before, but they were closed on Tuesdays, so we had to drive all the way back to Scottsdale, then back 1.5 hours to the park, then 1.5 hours back to Scottsdale. But it was worth every second. (We had extra encouragement because the night before we watched Steve Irwin's memorial service. We were inspired. I will miss that exuberant man, God rest his soul.) It's called Out of Africa, and it is wonderful.

You didn't really think The Kev would kiss someone else, did you? ;)

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