Friday, February 22, 2008

30 days, 30 secrets, come on, did anyone out there really think I would stick to that? I'm not THAT disciplined, and I don't know that I even have 30 secrets. So there.
I was in New York last weekend, and you would think that of all the things I saw there that I would have something else to comment on other than something I caught on TV. Wrong. It just caught my eye - OK, actually my ear -as I was getting ready for bed one night, and it ties in nicely with my new favorite song, so here goes.

It was an interview with Matthew McConaughey(that is really tough to spell -try it) and he was talking about how he thought it was important not to have unfinished business. At first I kind of brushed the interview off - I don't remember who the interviewer was, just that at one point I thought he seemed a little too impressed by a shirtless surfer dude who's made some bucks playing in some movies. That doesn't mean the surfer dude knows what he's talking about, right? Just that he's been incredibly lucky, right? But the more I listened, the more I realized that maybe Matthew has a point. He was talking about unfinished business, and how it's no good to have any. How it changes the way you feel when you wake up in the morning, or how it changes the course of your day if you're not having to look over your shoulder the whole time about something that you should have finished. Maybe it's a friendship. Maybe it's a relationship. Maybe it's an ex-employer. Whatever it is, we all know there is a right way and a wrong way to end things, and wouldn't life be much simpler for everyone if we all made clean breaks and carried less baggage because of it? Simple, I know. But it made a lot of sense to me.

And so on to my new favorite song. At least my new favorite Floating Men song. They have a new album, and, honestly, the whole thing is just kinda weird to me. I usually get their music, or at least get what I think they are trying to say, but this one is kinda weird. Anyway, there is this one song, though, that just speaks to me, hokey as it sounds. It's one of those songs that I liked from the instant I heard the opening strums. When I listen to it, I play it over and over. I think it's about unfinished business. About that one relationship you had that you can't come to terms with. You can't compartmentalize. Or rationalize. And for reasons that make absolutely no sense, you hope that, if you should die before this person, that they would at least shed one lousy tear. I get that. Do you?

"I'd trade our tallest days
Or, hell, our widest years
If you'd stoop to grace my grave
With a single final tear
For all we used to be
For all you lost from me

We piled our wildest dreams
At Laughing Buddha’s feet
And defiled our childish schemes
With feats of light and heat
With sweet and clumsy sins
We'll never know again

I'd trade our finest years
If you'd save one final tear for me

They build retirement homes
On our amusement parks
They plow up human bones
In madmen's salvage yards
Whatever else they find
Nobody seems to mind

They pave our vacant lots
With jewels and precious stones
Our manifestos rot
In madmen's catacombs
Whoever else I've loved
Never measured up

I'd trade our finest years
If you'd save one final tear for me

It's not about my age
I'm not a slave to time
This body's not a cage
I'm not afraid to die
But I'd trade a thousand years
If you'd waste one lousy tear

I'd trade our finest years
If you'd save one final tear
for all we used to be"

-The Floating Men

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FeveredIntellect said...

Hello, Melissa. I had to comment on your blog because commented on mine ( and anyway I was wondering how you wandered across my blog and then I noticed that you like the Floating Men and I figured that the connection must be there some where.

Anyway, the FM seem to have a pretty tight group of fans. At least every time I see Jeff he seems to be followed by several.

Well thanks for the comment... at least I know someone has read my blog. I wonder some days why I bother but I am always writing something and I have to do something with it.