Thursday, November 08, 2007

Food snob

Hi, my name is Melissa and I am a food snob. I like to look in your cart at the grocery store and see what kind of crap you are buying today. Jumbo bag of doritos, white bread, whole milk, 80/20 hamburger, maybe some little snack cakes, and some cokes. Crisco, powdered creamer,hamburger helper, cake mix, and margarine. Ew.

I can't help it. I judge your cart. I like to silently give awards to the healthy carts I see. Celery, broccoli, orange juice, yogurt, fish, and wheat bread. Good job. You win the healthy cart award. I silently high-five you.

I would be a very bad checker. I would be eyeing everyone's groceries and tsk tsking all the time. Telling people about the dangers of trans fat. Humphing at their cigarettes. Trying to figure out what they're making with the odd assortment of things they bought. I would be fired.

Two jobs ago when a large grocery store chain was a client, I worked on a case where I had to review roll after roll of register receipts. There can be some pretty odd combinations. I laughed a lot. Doesn't take much.....

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