Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time is flying this January! I remember that it did last year, too. Last January I was consumed with work. I remember working late all the time. Many times Kevin would be in bed when I got home, and I would collapse in his giant recliner and watch the Sopranos while I ate dinner. I watched it obsessively that month and the next, eventually watching every season and catching up to the new season. I had watched it sporadically over the years, but it's different when you watch it all in a row like that. I really got into it. I could do without all of the violence, but I loved the depth of the characters, the struggles they each had - sometimes the struggles were completely unspoken, given away only with one look. One brilliantly acted, strategically placed look. Don't get me started! It was an amazing show! So that month was peaceful in a strange way. I swear I don't remember doing anything that month but working and watching the Sopranos.

What a change this January. Today I worked until -gasp- 5:30! At 5:05 my boss came down to my office and yelled at me to go home, to remember that I had a spouse. I laughed. If she only knew, I thought. If she only knew!

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