Friday, December 29, 2006

Ever feel like this?

Do you get a little panicky toward the end of the year?
Do you think about those things you wanted to do this year but didn't?
I start thinking this is the last book I will read this year, the last time I walk my dog this year, the last bowl of cereal I eat this get the picture. Everything is suddenly so meaningful. Time is short. Must cram more into 2006. This could be the last time I blog this year. This could be the last words I write this year. (Unless, of course, I actually work for the last 1.5 hours I'm at work today. Given my earlier work performance today, it could go either way...)
So, cram more stuff into 2006! There are only a few days left. Make them meaningful! Or, just procrastinate and do lots in 2007. It's up to you. Ta-ta!

Wait, I can't have ta-ta as my last words of 2006.....that's just wrong. Oh the pressure of signing off for the year.....

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